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Speaker Feature: Keith Casey

Keith Casey says he likes to break stuff, but only because it helps him understand good code vs. bad code all the better. Keith is a PHP dev (aka chief Stuff Breaker) for Blue Parabola. In his spare time, he … Continue reading Speaker Feature: Keith Casey

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Speaker Feature: Daryl Koopersmith

Have you seen the new style update for the upcoming WordPress 3.2 release? If you haven’t, here’s a little preview. Most of the code behind the update can be attributed to Daryl Koopersmith, a JavaScript, CSS, and front-end development core … Continue reading Speaker Feature: Daryl Koopersmith

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Speaker Feature: John Hawkins

John Hawkins (aka VegasGeek) is a self-described WordCamp groupie. He’s been skipping across the country to speak and attend WordCamps because they’re just so fun and awesome. When he’s not at WordCamps (and sometimes when he is), John runs 9seeds, … Continue reading Speaker Feature: John Hawkins

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Speaker Feature: Luke Pilon

Luke Pilon has been living and working in the WordPress community as a software architect, entrepreneur, WordPress San Diego Meetup organizer and managing partner of Mobiah for years.  He’s been to WordCamps around the country and, through WordPress, has discovered that … Continue reading Speaker Feature: Luke Pilon

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Speaker Feature: Ed Adkins

Ed Adkins is cool.  He organizes beer crawls, does improv, reads comics, and uses WordPress (the coolest). Ed’s been working with WordPress clients for the last 6 years. Inevitably, he’s come across some common obstacles for WordPress users. In his presentation … Continue reading Speaker Feature: Ed Adkins

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Volunteer Meeting!

We’ll be holding a volunteer meeting for WordCamp this Thursday, May 26th, at 5pm at the Reno Collective. Anyone who would like to help volunteer in any capacity is welcome!  We’ll be talking about and handing out assignments for: Registration … Continue reading Volunteer Meeting!

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Speaker Feature: Michael “Mitcho” Erlewine

Mitcho is one of the smartest people I know. He’s done a lot for the WordPress and open source community, including writing YARPP, one of WordPress’ most popular plugins, and contributing to Mozilla Lab’s Ubiquity. Mitcho is currently busy being … Continue reading Speaker Feature: Michael “Mitcho” Erlewine

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A Very Keynote: Josh and Sally Strebel

We’re very pleased to announce that this year’s Reno-Tahoe WordCamp keynote will be given by Josh and Sally Strebel, the amazing husband and wife team behind, one of the largest managed WordPress hosting providers. Since its inception in September … Continue reading A Very Keynote: Josh and Sally Strebel

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Speaker Feature: Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones is a sarcastic Reno-based web designer at KPS3. In his off time he plays video games and stacks cups in his co-worker’s offices when they’re on vacation. You can find him on SC2 as “Man” or League of … Continue reading Speaker Feature: Kevin Jones

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Speaker Feature: Sara Cannon

Sara Cannon loves WordPress. Really, she does. When I asked her, “What if WordPress didn’t exist?” a look of sincere despair darkened her face. But everything is okay because WordPress does exist and is awesome. Sara is a web designer … Continue reading Speaker Feature: Sara Cannon

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