Speaker Feature: Ed Adkins

Ed Adkins is cool.  He organizes beer crawls, does improv, reads comics, and uses WordPress (the coolest). Ed’s been working with WordPress clients for the last 6 years. Inevitably, he’s come across some common obstacles for WordPress users.

In his presentation “WordPress Black Holes,” he’ll identify the biggest obstacles for beginner users and how to overcome them:

When you first get your hands on WordPress, the possibilities seem endless: the allure of Open Source freedom, the versatility, the FIVE MINUTE INSTALL! But then, you start running into the black holes. Things no one warned you about. Things that suck you in and waste a day of your life. Things like .htaccess.

The first year of WordPress presents a bell curve that’s not too much to handle, but why take a year when you can become aware of most of those black holes in a little under an hour? Learn how to deal with them, how to avoid some of them, and where to get help in the future so that you can dig yourself out.


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