Lightning Rounds!

Saturday’s sessions are ending with a little flash and a bang in the form of lightning rounds: short, 10-minute sessions designed to teach and inspire you. Here’s a little about our lovely lightning round sessions:

Blogging in the First Year by Kathy Baldock

How do you go from no online presence to blogging within a week of WordCamp? I will talk briefly about: choosing a theme, setting up the categories, adding images and video,categories, tagging, linking and pushing the blog out through other online media and sites. I will share what I wish I had known day one to help get more traffic early on and what the experience of blogging has personally done for Canyonwalker Connections. This I do know, the process has changed my life radically

7 Steps to SEO Heaven by Jonathan Denwood

He’ll talk about 7 practical steps you can take to improve your WordPress site’s SEO, covering topics like keyword research, link bait and source order. The talk is aimed at bloggers and WordPress site owners and doesn’t
assume any particular technical knowledge.

Writing Blog Posts by Michelle Montoya

In this lightning session, learn tips for writing effective blog posts. From brainstorming ideas to editing final drafts, you will learn how to write posts quickly and easily.

The Zen of WordPress by Colin Loretz

We live in a world of infinite complexities but sometimes some of the best solutions are often the simplest. Zen of WordPress will explore how you can use simple solutions to keep your website lean, efficient and secure.

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