Speaker Feature: Larry Dailey

We all know that usability is key. If people can’t use your site, they won’t – plain and simple. But how do you test? What do you test? Who do you test?

Larry Dailey

Larry Dailey knows the answers. As a professor and chair of media technology at the Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism he’s been teaching local UNR students those answers and more since 2005.

He teaches courses in innovation and usability testing and in designing and building serious games. He holds a master’s in photography and spent three years producing multimedia for one of the web’s top news sites – MSNBC Interactive.

His session – “Usability Testing: From A to B” – will lay out the tools to test your site’s usability and how to make effective changes. He’ll also introduce some simple methods to run user testing sessions on your own.

P.S. – In case you’re wondering who I am. My name is Justin Broglio and I’m a rookie. I started using WordPress three years ago and I’ve self taught my way through a host of projects. By trade I’m a writer, but in today’s jungle it pays to multi-talented so I’m stoked to be helping out with this year’s Reno-Tahoe WordCamp. What’s more, in researching Professor Dailey I learned a heck of a lot about usability testing and I’m confident you’ll learn something too.

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