Speaker Feature: Luke Pilon

Luke Pilon has been living and working in the WordPress community as a software architect, entrepreneur, WordPress San Diego Meetup organizer and managing partner of Mobiah for years.  He’s been to WordCamps around the country and, through WordPress, has discovered that a successful business can be built with community support.

In his talk, “WordPress Network Effects: How The WP Community Changes Your Destiny,” Luke will familiarize you with the basics of the WordPress community and teach you how businesses can use and give back to WordPress:

The WordPress community is booming and you are unsure about how to make the most of it all. Use this session to understand how network effects are changing the landscape of the WordPress community in 2011 and how every new user is helping you be a winner. Know how the community can play a deciding role in the success of your business. Understand how the success of everyone else depends on you.

This 101-201 level presentation will get WordCamp attendees up to speed on the current architecture of the community, orientation on how Automattic and other major players contribute, and categories/lists of resources to help them find their way. We’ll cover WordPress.com, WordPress.org and everything that comes tumbling after. Finally, we’ll cover clear instructions on how we as individual members pay it forward and contribute back to the community.


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