Speaker Feature: Michael “Mitcho” Erlewine

Mitcho is one of the smartest people I know. He’s done a lot for the WordPress and open source community, including writing YARPP, one of WordPress’ most popular plugins, and contributing to Mozilla Lab’s Ubiquity. Mitcho is currently busy being a PhD student in linguistics at MIT and organizing this year’s WordCamp Boston.

In his presentation “What’s Your Site’s Content Life Cycle?”, Mitcho will be showing us how important our content is and how we can best showcase and handle our content with smart design and management decisions:

Modern WordPress has grown far beyond its humble blogging roots, with so many of us using WordPress as a CMS.

In this talk I’d like to focus on what I believe is an important (but often overlooked) consideration when rolling out WordPress as a CMS: what is your “content life cycle”? That is, what are the content or entities which must be managed? Who will contribute them, edit them, manage them… and how, and when? I’ll present different technical and design decisions that can be made depending on the particular content life cycle of the project, drawing on my experience various custom WordPress-based sites and applications at MIT.

We’ll also touch on how WordPress features like custom post types and taxonomies can make it easy to build out a custom WordPress-based solution.

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