Speaker Feature: Mike Pomranz

Sterling Hamilton - Reno Tahoe WordCamp speaker Another introduction to one of our wonderful speakers! If you don’t know who Mike Pomranz is, then you’re probably not getting enough laughs in your day. Mike is a blogger, comedian, musician, and beer lover from Brooklyn who has learned how to build audiences with comedy and writing. He is currently a senior blogger and researcher for Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 and has formerly blogged for Slashfood.com and the Cheezburger Network’s My Food Looks Funny.

In his session, “Whittling Your Tone: How to Engage an Audience with a Pointy Stick of You,” Mike will be taking his experience and teaching us all how to engage your audience and build a strong following online:

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a blog, but not everyone has an audience.  Culling a group of engaged readers is what separates a successful site from just another empty lot of Internet real estate.

But where do you start?  And how do you grow?  And why the hell would I want to waste my time pandering to these stupid commenters anyway!?

Whoa!  Slow down.  The web can be tough waters to navigate, but we’ll look at how to define and refine the tone of your blog and your writing in a way that will engage an audience without undermining everything you’ve ever held dear.

We’ll also discuss how to listen to and work with your readers, understanding how they can hold the key to helping you achieve your goals.

And we’ll try to do it all with an eye towards not taking ourselves too seriously.  AND SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!

Yes, SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!!!!

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