Speaker Feature: Sterling Hamilton

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing everyone to our wonderful lineup of speakers. First up: Sterling Hamilton, Senior Web Developer for Dealertrend, Inc.

Sterling Hamilton - Reno Tahoe WordCamp speaker Hailing from Las Vegas but now a Reno resident, Sterling’s been developing websites and web applications for the last 15 years. While at Dealertrend, Sterling has worked on a rapid development WordPress theme framework and a few WordPress plugins. He likes to skydive and contribute to Open Source projects in his spare time, but presumably not at the same time.

At this year’s WordCamp, Sterling will be teaching us about the power and benefits of using version control systems like GIT and Subversion to track your WordPress code and why version control may just save your life:

So there you are, writing the next great thing in your favorite coffee shop and you might be by yourself, or maybe you and a couple of developers have decided to team up.

Why should you have to bother with things like version control? These days, isn’t it simple enough to just make the changes to your source code carefully and if you have to talk to another developer, just yell across the room. It’s not that complicated right?

This session will attempt to convince you that there are many important, life saving and jaw droppingly awesome reasons why you should be using version control. Whether you’re a lone developer, a small team, or an enterprise company.

We’ll be going over the basics of version control and how you can start new projects with it, and how you can get your existing projects using it. We’ll be covering Subversion and GIT. Subversion is what WordPress is built upon, and GIT is what I believe is the future.

Sterling’s session “WordPress Development: Tracking your code with Version Control” will be at 11:30am on the Design & Development track.

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