Andrew Nacin

My name is Andrew Nacin, a core developer of the WordPress web publishing platform living in Washington, D.C.

work as a Tech Ninja at Audrey Capital, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg’s investment and research firm.

As one of the WordPress developers, I wrangle contributions, develop new features, and try to fix more bugs than I create. I am heavily involved in many facets of the WordPress community, ranging from the development cycle to meeting users at as many WordCamps as my schedule allows (see my schedule in the sidebar). I can often be spotted on the bug trackerdevelopment blogmany mailing lists, in the IRC development channel, and throughout wordpress.org.

At Audrey, I work on the infrastructure behind the WordPress community as it extends beyond the software — like the wordpress.org site — and other random projects.

I prefer decisions over options.

AndrewNacin.com | @nacin


Colin Loretz

Colin is a developer, designer, maker and community builder. He runs both Lively Labs and Reno Collective. Lively Labs builds web and mobile apps on WordPress, Salesforce.com and the iOS platforms for clients in the fields of healthcare, renewable energy, consumer software, gaming, and destination resorts.

A huge supporter of tech and startup culture, Colin started Reno Collective Coworking as a collaborative workspace for freelancers, entrepreneurs and local startups. Through Reno Collective, he provides mentorship for others looking to start their own business or “go it alone” as a freelancer. He also heads up Ignite Reno and started Reno-Tahoe WordCamp in 2009.

ColinLoretz.com | @colinloretz

Daryl Koopersmith

Daryl Koopersmith is a WordPress core developer and a student at Washington University in St. Louis. When not screen-bound, he enjoys drumming, cooking, and anything musical. He is easily excited by JavaScript (perhaps a bit too much).

DarylKoop.com | @darylkoop

Derek Jordan

Dre Armeda

Andres “Dre” Armeda, CISSP is a web designer with a security habit. Dre is the founder of CubicTwo, a web solutions company. He gets his web security fix as Co-Founder of Sucuri Security.

CubicTwo is a web solutions company based in Riverside County, California. CubicTwo stemmed from over 10 years of consulting and creating web and graphics solutions.

Sucuri is a security company that concentrates on being the leader in web integrity monitoring and web malware removal. Sucuri offers web integrity monitoring and alerting capabilities to small, large, and enterprise web networks.

Dre Also co-found WPVibe. WPVibe is a resource blog for everything WordPress. WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

Dre is a proud WordPress contributor and is coordinating efforts for the first ever WordCamp San Diego, coming summer of 2011.

Dre.im | @dremeda

Ed Adkins

I’ve been working with WordPress for clients since 2005. I’ve designed templates, got stuck in a ton of black holes myself, and managed some pretty nifty projects that took WordPress in some novel directions.

I talk, like, all the time. Total attention whore. Plus people get me to do it about big important stuff sometimes too. This one time, at WordCamp, I did a talk on WP as a CMS, and Matt liked it. (well, he said he did.)

EdAdkins.com | @edadkins

Geoff Roseborough

My name’s Geoff Roseborough, I’m an advertising student at the Reynolds School of Journalism as well as the Design Editor for Insight Magazine here on campus. I enjoy photography, design, and visual communication. My only goal in life is to travel the world and to create.

I’ll be speaking with Derek Jordan and Jay Brissenden this year at Word Camp about using WordPress at a publication.

Geoff Roseborough Design & Photo | @GeoffRTweet

Jay Brissenden

John Hawkins

John has been developing sites on the web for 15+ years. Currently living just outside of Las Vegas, NV where he runs 9seeds.com, which focuses primarily on WordPress plugin and site development for clients.

John is also a bit of a WordCamp groupie. He organized WordCamp Las Vegas in January 2009 before ever having attended a WordCamp. Since then he’s spoke at or attended more than 20 WordCamp events across the US (including Phoenix and New York on the SAME WEEKEND!)

When not at his desk, John enjoys… who are we kidding, John doesn’t leave his desk.

9seeds.com | @vegasgeek


Jonathan Denwood

Jonathan Denwood is a British web designer and businessman based in Carson City.

He’s been using WordPress for over 3 years and liked the last WordCamp Reno so much he decided to sponsor us this time .. not once but twice! (Jonathan’s sponsoring via his web design company Digital Delirium and MailRight, a British email marketing company which he is helping expand stateside).

Jonathan’s got a no-nonsense approach to websites and to business in general and specializes in helping business owners get financial results through their sites and online marketing.

Before moving to the US, Jonathan ran several successful businesses in the UK, including a dry cleaning company and a national parcel distribution service. He lives in Carson City with his wife, Eileen, and is a keen dog lover.

Joshua Strebel

Joshua Strebel is a co-founder of page.ly and tends to speak out of turn. Find him on twitter @strebel or his personal blog.

Kathy Baldock

Kathy Baldock set up her blog one week after 2010 WordCamp. She blogs at CanyonwalkerConnections.com as a straight Christian advocate for the GLBT Christian community.The site has gotten over 150K visitors in the first year and over a million page reads. The site has become the intersection of conversation and controversy on one of the most dividing issues of the twenty first century . Kathy is the Executive Director of CanyonwalkerConnections (501c3) and speaks, writes and teaches on issues of equality in the church.

CanyonWalkerConnections | @Canyonwlkr

Keith Casey

Keith Casey has been a developer and professional agitator within the PHP community for nearly a decade. To pay the bills, he works as the Chief Stuff Breaker for Blue Parabola where he takes tools, concepts, and projects and applies them in unplanned ways.. often breaking things. It’s led to a deep understanding of good and bad code and to write less of the second and more of the first.

Prior to joining Blue Parabola, he led development on large-scale PHP-based systems for organizations ranging from major media companies and startups to small non-profits. In his spare time, he is the Project Lead for web2project, works to build and support the Austin PHP and Flash communities, and blogs regularly on technology and random geekery at http://CaseySoftware.com/blog and http://phparch.com/

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones is a simple man. He has a love for the web, slaying dragons and not wearing pants. When he’s not spending his time designing & coding, he can be found out at a lake fishing or in his snuggie playing Starcraft 2 & League of Legends.

Kevin is a graphic and web designer at KPS3 Marketing. He makes websites and such. Prior to his full-time appointment at KPS3, he worked as a lead designer for the University of Nevada, Reno’s digital initiatives on many of their creative marketing pieces, including the University’s website in addition to sites of numerous colleges and departments. He also worked in a variety of freelance capacities prior to joining KPS3.

Kevin’s dream in life is to make it socially acceptable to go to any working environment without pants on (even those involving heavy machinery).

Kevin’s Portfolio | @thekevinjones

Larry Dailey

Larry Dailey is a professor of journalism and D. W. Reynolds Chair of Media Technologies at the Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno. He teaches courses in innovation and usability testing and in designing and building serious games. He conducts research about organizational culture.

Previously he was an assistant professor of journalism and the director of the Digital Media Minor at Ball State University in Muncie, IN. He has also been a journalism instructor at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, IL. Prior to
that, he taught multimedia and advanced photojournalism courses as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Missouri – Columbia.

He worked for three years as a multimedia producer for MSNBC Interactive, one of the Internet’s top news sites. He has been a picture editor for the Associated Press and United Press International in Washington. And he has worked as a newspaper photographer and photography department manager.

Larry holds a master’s degree in photography from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He also holds degrees in journalism and education from the University of Missouri.

Luke Pilon

Luke is a software architect and entrepreneur that has spent the last decade developing digital enterprises in Southern California. He’s the founding and managing partner of the media and development firm Mobiah, a group dedicated to extending WordPress to meet the demands of media management, mobile engagement and providing geographically centric experiences for users.

Mobiah | @lukepilon

Michael Erlewine

mitcho is a PhD student in Linguistics at MIT with primary interests in formal syntax / semantics. He is also an active coder who works on projects such as Ubiquity andPanorama at Mozilla and the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPress. He lives a life full of musiccode, and fun.

Mitcho.com | @themitcho

Michelle Montoya

Mike Pomranz

Mike Pomranz is a writer, comedian, musician and beer aficionado living in Brooklyn, NY.

Mike is best known as the senior blogger for Comedy Central’s hit television show, Tosh.0.  As a Tosh.0 blogger, he was credited by numerous national news sources for his role in launching the success of Rebecca Black’s YouTube hit, “Friday.”

He also created and helps run the world’s most popular single-serving bong image blog, What-A-Bong.

Previously, Mike has blogged for AOL’s Slashfood.com and Cheezburger Network’s My Food Looks Funny.  He initially launched his blogging career by creating and single-handedly writing and maintaining the independent election satire site, Slander ’08, which was a surprise hit during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Mike is also a notable comedic tweeter.  He’s a proud Witstream member and his tweets are regularly syndicated on popular comedy sites such as Someecards and Splitsider.

In the flesh, you can catch Mike performing stand-up comedy in New York City and across the country.

In his limited free time, Mike enjoys performing music either with one of his two bands or as a solo acoustic performer, homebrewing, not-at-home-drinking, and participating in general mayhem.  He also tutors math on the side.

Sally Strebel

Sally Strebel is a co-founder of Page.ly who adores her family and friends. She tweets at @bizgirl and would love to get to know you.

Sara Cannon

Sara Cannon has a love for WordPress, design, and typography. Intersect these things and you’ve found her passion. She loves keeping up with the latest trends in design, typography, and the technology that we can use make our WordPress sites beautiful. Sara a core contributor working with the WordPress UI group and works as interaction designer & developer at Scout Branding Company in Birmingham, AL.

Sara Cannon | @saracannon

Sterling Hamilton

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Sterling has been developing web sites for the last 15+ years and has spent the majority of his time focusing on web application development. Freelancing up until 2005, Sterling has worked for various firms throughout the Nevada area.

He is currently working for Dealertrend, Inc. as a senior web developer where he has developed several a rapid development WordPress theme framework as well as creating several WordPress plugins, one of which interfaces with the Dealertrend automotive API.

Sterling likes to spend his time hanging with friends, skydiving, contributing to open source projects like WordPress and building custom applications.

DealerTrend | @SterLo